Ecosteam Cleaning Services: Expert Sealing for Lasting Protection

Ecosteam Cleaning Services specializes in sealing services, providing your surfaces with unparalleled protection and enhanced durability. Our use of high-quality sealants is designed to guard against wear and weather, ensuring long-term resilience. Furthermore, our team’s meticulous attention to detail guarantees a seamless sealing process, tailored to the specific needs of your property. Choose Ecosteam for sealing solutions that epitomize efficiency and superior quality.


The Benefits of Sealing Concrete, Natural Stone, Tile & Grout:

  • Makes cleaning much easier
  • Provides superior stain resistance against  oils, chemicals, grime, coffee and wine
  • Protects natural stone and concrete around pool areas from water, chlorine, and salt corrosion and staining
  • Reduces efflorescence and the corrosion it causes
  • Reduces water absorption
  • Reduces mould, moss and algae growth
  • Impedes abrasion and surface wear
  • Retains its natural look

We can help you choose the best sealant or protective coating for your surface. Our specialist products range from solvent based, water based, non-slip coatings, oil resistant coatings, and coloured, through to single and two pack epoxy coatings. All of our protective coatings can be used in residential and commercial areas.

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Concrete Sealing

Concrete is very absorbent and stains easily, so it is highly recommended to seal any type of concrete floor. Ecosteam offers a full range of services to keep your concrete surface protected and attractive for years to come. In the Melbourne area we have used high quality concrete sealing systems that last longer than most typical sealers. We have tried them all and we know what works best. From the smallest concrete porch to large concrete flooring projects we use only products that have been proven over time.

There are two main types of concrete sealers: film-forming sealers and penetrating sealers.

Topical Sealers (Film-forming) form a physical protective layer on top of the surface, which not only stops the penetration of moisture but also strengthens it.

Choose if you want a wet look or high gloss finish that enhances the colour of your concrete, although not advised for wet areas where it becomes slippery.

Penetrating Sealers (Impregnating) absorb into the concrete to prevent moisture from entering and at the same time allow vapour to escape from inside the concrete surface. Without changing the appearance of the concrete surface, they provide invisible protection while retaining the natural look of concrete surfaces. They have a long lifespan and are a great choice for exterior applications.

Coloured Penetrating Sealer allows you to change the colour of the concrete. A very popular choice for driveways and garages.

Epoxy Sealer: One type of a topical sealer is an epoxy coating. They are an excellent choice for protecting and beautifying concrete floors. Epoxy coating is not only attractive, they can last up to 25 years and come in a wide range of colors.

They have become a popular choice for garages. Commercial uses for epoxy coating now include the hotel and hospitality industry, hospitals, businesses, retail stores, showrooms, salons, and warehouses.

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Natural Stone Seal

Natural stone ranges from porous to extremely porous. All natural stone needs to be sealed. When left untreated, it becomes very difficult to clean and maintain. See the benefits of sealing natural stone.

Clear penetrating sealers absorb into the pores of the stone without affecting the appearance, texture, colour, or slip rating.

Enhancing sealers intensify the natural colour of the stone, making the colours more vibrant. It will enrich and highlight the character, as it protects the stone’s natural beauty.

Types of stone seal:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Bluestone
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
Cleaning Services Melbourne

Tile and Grout Cleaning

After Ecosteam cleans your tile and grout, a clear and penetrating grout sealer can be applied to protect your grout. This will make it more resistant to future discoloration, staining, mould growth, and efflorescence. It will be much easier to keep your floors clean.

Grout Re-Colouring

We provide a grout re-colouring service that re-colours, restores and re-seals (stain-proofs) the grout. This is all done in one application, creating a durable layer of stain proof grout, as well as making the grout uniform and look fresh and new. This application will prevent spills, dirt and bacteria from soaking into the grout, and maintaining will be much easier for years to come.

There is a wide range of grouting colours.. This means you can choose a colour to match your old, existing grout or you can choose a new colour that may be better suited for your personal wall or floor.