Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer a Comprehensive Range of Floor Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services

We offer a Comprehensive Range of Carpet Cleaning, Floor Cleaning and Restoration Services

HWE Carpet Deep Cleaning

Ecosteam Cleaning Services perform a wide range of carpet cleaning services both for residences and commercial including steaming. Carpet performance is directly related to proper maintenance. Studies show that with proper cleaning and maintenance, carpeted rooms have a lower level of dust borne allergens in the air than rooms with hard floor surfaces. What this means is that your carpets act as filters, collecting airborne dust and pollen particles as well as tracked in soils, which is great for allergy sufferers as long as they are cleaned regularly. And this is before you add pets, smokers, guests and children onto the carpet. Vacuumimg is good, but unless you vacuum ( 3 passes) at least twice per week with a commercial grade vacuum and HEPA filter, your carpets will be dirty, it’s unavoidable.

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HWE Deep cleaning of carpets involves a number of steps when done properly and should be carried out typically once or twice per year depending on the traffic load. The procedure is setout in the Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning of Textile Floor Coverings (R100) as developed by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). It is important technicians understand this procedure, which our technicians are fully trained and certified in, to ensure a complete and undamaged cleaning job.

We have invested in the most modern truck mounted hot water extraction (HWE) system available. Temperatures in excess of 110℃ combined with powerful vacuum pumps and specially selected non-toxic chemical detergents and neutralising rinses applied with either rotary power scrubbers or wands, ensure your carpets are thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitized.

To keep your carpets cleaner for longer, we can apply a post cleaning protective treatment available with or without flourochemical polymers. You can read more about the benefits of Carpet and Upholstery Protection here.

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Eco-Friendly Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our Deep Eco-Dry Carpet Cleaning utilises a Rotating Brush floor scrubbing machine used in conjunction with an encapsulating carpet pre-spray cleaning solution specially formulated for this VLM dry cleaning process. As the machine is passed across the carpet, the encapsulation solution is scrubbed into the carpet penetrating deep without the use of water. The carpet is virtually dry as a bone and ready for immediate use.

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Although not quite as effective as hot water extraction (HWE) deep cleaning, the advantages of Deep Eco-Dry Carpet Cleaning utilising this method is the very low moisture content used in the process (VLM). Drying times are virtually eliminated allowing for immediate use, carpet browning issues are eliminated, damp carpet slip hazards are eliminated and there is no chance mould can grow under the carpet backing causing mal-odour issues due to excessive moisture. Any dry crystalline residue that remains in the carpet is imperceptible and easily vacuumed up at the next scheduled clean. The results can be very effective when this method is used on a regular basis.

Typically, for best results this method of cleaning might be used 2-3 times per year depending on traffic volume.

Anti-Allergen and Anti-Microbial Treatment

Carpet is an environmental filter for airborne dust, bacteria and pathogens, and therefore a significant source of Toxins, Allergens and off-gassing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) . Carpet is associated with increased respiratory infections and early on-set asthma. IF YOU DONT CLEAN IT! Your carpets may look clean but they are NOT!

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Our Premium Package Anti-Allergen and Anti-Microbial Cleaning Product is non-toxic, and eliminates 99.9999% of pathogens, allergens, mites, bacteria and mould. Safe for people, safe for pets, safe for the planet, this bio-cleaner disinfects your home, removes stains, brightens colours, removes harmful chemicals and neutralizes odours.

80% of allergy and asthma sufferers test positive for dust mite allergy. Dust mites lurk in carpet and a variety of places, but your bed is the perfect place for dust mites and feed on your dead skin cells. It is important to protect your bed with allergy bedding to keep dust mites out or trapped inside. Removing dust mites from your bed, carpet, or furniture is not tricky, regular vacuuming and dusting helps but we recommend that you focus on the bedroom by protecting your bed with allergy bedding and placing an air purifier in the bedroom to eliminate airborne dust. Lastly, you should dust and vacuum regularly with a HEPA vacuum cleaner and treat your carpet, mattresses and laundry to eliminate dust mites and their faeces.

We can also disinfect your carpets and hard floors with TGA tested and approved hospital grade Biocide guarranteed to kill Influenza and COVID-19 virus pathogens on contact. Viruses are the smallest common pathogen and require hosts to survive. They are so small in fact that many of them actually infect bacteria. That is how your carpet becomes a breeding ground for these viruses.

Important: DO NOT CONFUSE Dust Mites with Bed Bugs… they are totally different and can not be eliminated with carpet and mattress cleaning alone. Bed bugs require professional pest control services and are easily recognised. Dust Mites are not visible to the naked eye. Bed bugs require blood meals to survive and can travel up to 100 metres to find a host. You WILL know if you have them.

Carpet and Fabric Stain Protectant

Our carpet fibre protectant applied as a post cleaning treatment has many benefits to both the carpet and the home owner. Some premium range carpets have a stain resisting treatment applied at the time of manufacture. Over time, this treatment wears off due to abrasive soiling action, normal wear and cleaning and needs replenishment.

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Our stain protectant treatment applies a low surface tension (repellent) chemical to the fibre and thereby prevents the spill from attaching to the fibre, causing the spill to bead up on the surface instead. This makes cleaning up much faster and can prevent permanent staining if the spill is cleaned soon after and not allowed to soak in to the fibre. Time is not your friend when it comes to stains!

Another benefit of stain protectant is that your carpet stays cleaner longer due to ant-resoiling polymer technology and requires less effort and time to vacuum.

The cost of the stain protectant treatmeant is a fraction of the cost of replacing your carpets prematurely.

We offer different fibre protective treatment products to suit the needs of the individual, whether residential or commercial, even eco-friendly products.

Our environmenally friendly Green fibre protective treatment product will leave your carpets cleaner and fresher and is safer for children and pets and the environment because it contains NO solvents, silicones or flourochemicals. You can read more about our stain protectant treatment here.

Upholstery Cleaning

Regular cleaning of fabric upholstery can increase the life of your valuable couches, sofas and chairs and elliminate bacteria, allergens and dust mite colonies that thrive and multiply feasting on dead skin and body oils. Our technicians use different cleaning methods depending on fabric type. A delicate fabric pre-spray detergent or dry foam clean or organic dry compund clean all non-toxic solutions leaving your upholstery clean, fresh and new again. Annual cleaning will extend the life of your upholstered furnishings and keep them looking and smelling good.

We can also apply a fabric stain protector at a modest additional cost to further protect and extend the time between cleans.

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Pet Stain and General Stain Removal

While no carpet is completely stain proof, the key is to act fast with the right solution. We all know accidents can happen but it’s not the end of the world! Most stains can be successfully removed IF they are treated professionally soon after the event. Blot the spill up immediately with white paper towells or white terry towelling. DO NOT SCRUB! Only use sparingly a mild dishwashing detergent as a cleaning agent and blot the area with luke warm, not hot water! DO NOT USE supermarket carpet cleaners and do not overwet the area! Then call the professionals, Ecosteam Cleaning Services. It is much cheaper than replacing the carpet, spot dyeing or surgically removing the stain area.

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Our stain removal chemicals are specifically chosen to chemically react with the stain substance and detach it from the carpet fibre for easy removal. Not all stains are created equal, so careful attention to chemical selection is critical to the removal process. Some stains are permanent, whereby the dye has been removed or masked, such as bleaching or whereby one or more dye colours has been masked as in urine stains, which is most common in wool and acid dyed nylon carpets. This will require spot dyeing to correct the colour change.

If a carpet fibre protectant has been previously applied either during manufacture or as a post cleaning treatment, there is an excellent chance that spots and stains (not bleaching) can be removed.

Our technicians can assess and advise the likelyhood of successful stain removal prior to attempting the job as not all stains can be removed. Many environmental factors influence successful stain removal.

Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing

According to the Carpet and Rug Industry research papers, Dust Mites are found in almost every high humidity (above 50%) environment that is capable of supporting plant life. In a survey of homes with dust mites, 60% of the dust mite population is found in the bed, mattresses and pillows, 30% in upholstery, and 10% in carpet.

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We spend almost 1/3 of our life sleeping on a mattress. It is only common sense to make sure that our mattress is kept sanitary clean to prevent allergies and illness from dust mites and their faeces. Dust mites feed on our dead skin and thrive in natural fibre fabric mattresses.

To effectively eliminate dust mites we apply a special 100% natural plant based anti-allergen sanitizing solution, a protein neutralizing agent and hot water extraction to clean the mattress and finally a 100% natural plant based anti-allergen post clean treatment to eliminate all traces of allergens.

Your mattress should be cleaned at least every 3 months by vacuuming and 6 months by our anti-allergen and hot water extraction method to prevent dust mite re-infestation.

Malodour and Mould Removal

Odours usually imply the presence of organic soils, such as urine, faeces or mould. These can found both on the surface and, in the case of carpet beneath the carpet and even the padding resulting in contamination of the sub-surface. Mould can be present beneath the carpet due to a number of factors, but all involve excessive moisture. The odour generated can be a musty smell or if urine is present a lingering urine smell. In both cases, the cause is microbial or fungul activity.

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Odours can be difficult to control when the source has penetrated the carpet padding and in such cases will require the removal of affected padding. Then the subfloor can be treated and the padding replaced. However, in severe cases, the timber subfloor may require replacing. Treating the carpet backing and fibre is usually successful in eliminating the microbial offenders and subsequent odour and restoring freshness to the carpet in less severe cases.

Mould is part of the biosphere and is normal, we live with it all around us. However, sometimes the natural environment becomes unbalanced and mould spores multiply and deposit and grow uncontrollably due to an increase in moisture and a food source (dirt/soil). This is bad for you and your families health and the mould must be treated professionally or the problem will get worse. The probagation of mould is always associated with an increase in surface moisture that persists and does not evaporate naturally. The cause of this increase in moisture must be identified and remediated to effectively prevent the mould returning and the food source must also be eliminated by deep cleaning (HWE) the carpet. Treating the mould affected areas alone will only delay further mould reoccurrences. Detecting moisture in the subfloor, gyproc walls and timber framing requires the use of a range of special equipment to identify trouble spots and allow effective drying and treatment of the areas and is essential in preventing mould growth.

Our powerful Biocide treatment solution effectively neutralises odours using active enzyme action.

Talk to us if you have mould issues before the problem becomes a health hazard. Remember, for mould to develop and grow it requires moisture and a food source i.e. soil/dirt contaminants.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Businesses have an implied responsibility of offering a sanitized, clean and well-maintained indoor working environment for both employees working within the premises and visitors. It is more than necessary to ensure that business premises, offices, common & private workrooms are maintained on a regular basis. Floors often get overlooked, but micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses multiply rapidly in unsanitary floor coverings, exposing workers and visitors to potential illness. Ecosteam Cleaning Services is well-equipped with the latest technology and uses non-toxic chemicals and safe methods for cleaning.

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Carpet performance is most effectively enhanced and maintained when professional scheduled maintenance includes deep HWE cleaning where possible, interim appearance cleaning using our Eco-Dry cleaning methods, and timely stain removal treatments. A cleaning maintenance program provides an ongoing process of soil removal and is designed to prevent the build up of soil and retain carpet appearance, improve indoor air quality and extend carpet life. The frequency of interim cleaning depends on the effectiveness of routine cleaning efforts, vacuuming etc. but typically would be 3-4 times per year and every 12 months for deep HWE or Eco-Dry cleaning or more often in high traffic areas, but before soiling is visible in general. Some commercial offices may require more frequent or less frequent cleaning depending on the volume, type of traffic and industry. Medical offices for example, would require more frequent floor cleaning and sanitising.

Many commercial carpets are subjected to a large volume of foot traffic and can soil relatively fast. A large proportion of this soil type can be effectively removed using the interim Eco-Dry cleaning process and the hot water extraction (HWE) clean limited to every 2nd or 3rd clean where possible. It also enables the carpet to be put back in use after only 20 – 30 minutes which is mandatory in many commercial applications.

We can advise on the optimum solution for your business to enhance your working environment at the best possible price, including regular janitorial services.